Welcome to Murli Industries

Murli agro Products Ltd. which has been rechristened as Murli Industries Ltd with Payday Loans Online Mob. following the adoption of a special resolution as provided for in the Company's Act, 1956 came into being on 2 nd December, 1991. Headquartered in Wardhaman Nagar, heart of downtown Nagpur, the Company had originally launched its operations with a Solvent Extraction Plant. Thanks to sound business strategies employed by us and a competent work force we started tasting mega successes in the early stages of our industrial operations themselves. The Company became a Public Ltd. Company entity in 1993

The commissioning of two Captive co-generation Power Units with combined capacity of 18 MW which marked a turn around in Company's fortunes saw an upswing in the production activities by ensuring constant supply of power.

Future Projects

Keeping in mind the rapid growth in housing & infrastructure sector MIL is coming up with 3 cement plants

  • Cement Unit - Rajasthan - 10,000 TPD
  • Cement Unit - Gujrat - 10,000 TPD
  • Cement Unit - Karnataka - 10,000 TPD

Global Footprint

The rise in the volume of our international trade shows that we are on course to attaining our goal of becoming a major player ...