Betting Portals with Fantasy Rates

Portals with fantasy rates are absolutely separate area of gambling. This type of betting is absolutely original and strikingly different from the classic money rates. What is fantasy sport? The rules of the game are similar to the classic sports fantasy, and this is very exciting. In the matter of choosing an operator of cybersport rates, everything depends on your individual preferences and goals, - is a good option to consider for betting.

Any portal that accepts betting on eSports will definitely have the following major events in the line: CS: GO - ESL, E-League, MDL, Major tournaments (major); League of Legends - World Championship, NA & EU LCS; WESG (World Electronic Sports Games); Blizzcon; Starcraft 2 - WCS, Dreamhack; Dota 2 - The International, tournaments of the Major series (majors).

The Significant Events on the Professional Betting Stage

The above mentioned tournaments and leagues are the biggest events on the professional world stage, and bookmakers do not see any problems with them, such as the organization of match-fixing matches, or the presence of unmotivated teams. Therefore, probably, you will not see a large number of events of shooting-2 and shooting-3 levels at major sports bookmakers - small-scale matches are held hundreds and thousands every day. At a low level of the game, there is always a higher chance of stumbling into a contractual match than on a masthead.

Difficulties Bookmakers Usually Face

The difficulty is that many sports online bookmakers are not yet able to competently compose a line of cybersport events. This, naturally, is due to the fact that the rates for e-sports are a young industry. Here is a simple example: in the line for Dota 2 discipline, there are often betting options like the total number of murders on the map, or the duration of the card's time, including in live mode.

If you carefully watch the live line, you will notice that the duration of the map in the line will probably not change, regardless of the draft of the teams - that the expert of the game will force him to tear his hair. After all, it's easy to assume that if teams take heroes imprisoned for a very, very long game, they are unlikely to force events and finish the card in 30 minutes, especially if opponents act wisely.

At the same time, the number of murders also depends on the style of the game teams. On the internal games of the teams of the CIS region and the European, respectively, you can observe the total number of murders in the line, differing, with a maximum of 5-6 murders. In sporting markets - football, basketball, tennis, volleyball - there are no such problems at the moment, because there are entire analytical agencies, websites, portals, and even departments at the bookmakers themselves, providing all relevant statistical information, as well as forecasts. This direction in e-sports is just beginning to develop.