Global Footprint

The rise in the volume of our international trade shows that we are on course to attaining our goal of becoming a major player in international market. We are recognised as a market force supplying agro-products, paper and power thereby catering to a cross-section of the society with the cement plant further reinforcing our image as the supplier of premium products.

During the Fiscal 2009-10 we have made exports of soya products and various brands of paper worth Rs. 46.22 crores out of a total turnover of Rs. 572 crores including the Indirect Exports in the field of soybean meal and various types of papers to South Asia, Gulf and some African countries.

The Company exports its Paper Products to neighbouring regions like South Asia, Gulf and several African countries, etc. It also exports Hi-Protein Soybean Meal meeting international standards for catering to the needs of poultry and animal feed to the South- East Asian countries, Korea, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc.

We have mounted a vigorous campaign to significantly increase the sales of 'MIL BRAND' in international markets. An extensive network of our dealers has begun focussed efforts to increase our share of global trade.

The setting up of SBS plant has given a new boost to our image as a global player. Rapidly growing popularity of the products of this plant viz. Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) Board, Coated Duplex Board, and Folding Box Board in international markets viz. Dubai, Bangladesh and Gulf countries has lent added momentum to our international trade.

The following measures taken by us are yielding encouraging results on our overseas trade front.

  • Creating separate International Wing for achieving the exports targets.
  • Participating in specialized Overseas Exhibitions, Trade Fairs to showcase the products of the Company.
  • Taking concrete, well-defined steps to strengthen our presence in international market.
  • Widening dealers' network which is instrumental in giving MIL the stature of the Company with global standing

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