Our Directors

Mr. Shobagmal B. Maloo
Complete description of all the facets of the personality of the stature of Mr. Shobhagmal B. Maloo, 69, who is the Chairman of MIL, is a stupendous task. He has been the fountainhead of inspiration for the MIL family having presided over the fabulous performance put up by the Company over a period of nearly two decades. He is successfully leading the Company as a growing power with his experience, wisdom and sagacity to new heights

Mr. Nandlal B. Maloo
Some key figures in the Company are instrumental in taking the Company to the summit of greatness scaled by it. Our 56-year old Managing Director who knows the ins and outs of complex industrial operations and whose genius is unrivalled in business circles is unquestionably an extremely important part of MIL think-tank having given a definitive direction to the MIL expansion campaign currently underway. For nearly two decades he has been the heart and soul and the symbol of hope, pride and determination for MIL Group.

Mr. Bajranglal B. Maloo
Mr. Bajranglal B. Maloo, 54, one of the principal architects of the prosperity achieved by the Company, is one of the distinguished members of the MIL Board of Directors. Only a few names in industrial circles conjure up such widespread awe and respect as that of him. This is largely due to the fact that his is the most potent influence in MIL history which is replete with a number of milestones compelling market watchers to certify in unequivocal terms that MIL is the Company which has all the trappings of a potential corporate force. He has an in-depth experience in diversified manufacturing and business activities.

Mr. Lalchand B. Maloo
When a corporate group has in its fold a man of the eminence and efficiency of our 50-year old Director Mr. Lalchand Maloo then the overwhelming success of that corporate group can never be questioned. On the contrary, its unstoppable growth would always be a foregone conclusion. His employees respect him immensely as a leader with a great and inclusive vision for the Company. To fast -track the growth of the Company he has set hugely ambitious targets and calls upon MIL employees to work flat out to meet those targets as according to him the prosperity achieved by the Company would impact positively on all those who are in some way or the other associated with the Company. He relishes the fact that MIL has been able to outclass its rivals.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Maloo
Those prominent figures who are in the forefront of the determined efforts being taken by the Company to knock the daylights out of its rivals and firmly establish itself atop the industrial world include our 41-year old Commerce Graduate Director Mr. Sunil Kumar Maloo. On the million dollar question of maintaining the tempo of Company's growth he is on the same page as other Directors of the Company but insists that the Company can ill-afford to deviate from the timeframe for the completion of its projects as time overrun results in the estimated costs of the projects ballooning to unacceptable levels.