Our solvent plants provided a springboard for all our subsequent corporate moves. The experience we derived by running our two corporate units with one being located at M.I.D.C., Hingana (launched in 1991) & the other one at Umred ( launched in 1999) proved to be a catalyst in our success that we gained in our successive corporate ventures.

Both these solvent units are India's leading integrated edible oil Units serving millions of customers with their tried and trusted brands.

M.I.D.C. Hingana Plant is the first unit of the company and is engaged in the business of manufacturing Soya de-oiled cake and refined oil since 1991 with a capacity of 300 TPD for De-Oil Cake & 70 TPD for Refined Soyabean Oil. With this unit being a success and its products hitting the markets in a big way the Directors of the Company, in their bid to make the most of it, purchased one more Plant at Umred having capacity of 800 TPD for De-Oil Cake & 100 TPD Refined Soyabean Oil.

List of Products manufactured at Solvent Plants :

  • Soya Refined Oil
  • Soya De-Oil Cake (DOC)
  • Soya Acid Oil

Given the pacy growth of these plants, which have been in the forefront of the Company's bid to checkmate its rivals, the Company remains optimistic that its solvent plants would continue to prop its position as a significant market player.

Soya Refined Oil

Soyabean Refined Oil is mainly used as edible oil. The Company produces micro refined tripled filtered "Soyabean Refined Edible Oil". Soya retains the inherent goodness and properties of soya bean to give consumers light, tasty and healthy edible oil. Its excellent taste along with its quality to enrich food with Iron, Vitamin B, Calcium and Zinc content has won it consumers' acceptance on a wide scale. As these oils are rich in Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, they help in keeping cholesterol level under check.

Soya De-Oil Cake

De-oiled cake is mainly used as a cattle feed and poultry feed. Company exports Soya De-oiled cake to various South - East Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines etc. A rise in the number of the countries importing agro-based products from us is in the offing as the slew of measures taken by us to raise our share in global markets start yielding concrete and perceptible results.

Technical specifications of Soybean Meal / Deoiled Cake for the exports:

  • Protein - 46 to 48%
  • Fiber - 6.0 to 6.5%
  • Moisture - 11 to 12%
  • Sand and Silica - 2 to 2.5%
  • Fat upto 1.5%

Soya Acid Oil

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